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Tech on the Rocks

Mar 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the fact that broadband is essential for full participation in our society and economy. With school, work, and now vaccination registrations all taking place online, the need for universal broadband has never been greater. In late December, Congress passed a bipartisan emergency broadband benefit that provides $50-$75 a month to low-income households and unemployed Americans to help close the digital divide. This is a great start, but these benefits are only temporary. What happens after the pandemic is over? Is there a path for consensus in Congress to permanently close the digital divide? And what would that look like? On this episode, Gigi chats with Bruce Mehlman, who served as the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy in the George W. Bush administration. Tune in for their perspectives on all these questions and much more on Episode 13 of Tech on the Rocks!